And they’re off.

The girls just left for school.

Robin goes first, about 7:30. Packing up her things, she was talking about an art project she’s working on at school, a watercolor painting. She was telling me about how she experimented with different dry/wet brush techniques and how they affected the intensity of the colors she’s using and how she did something that she imagined would have a particular effect but it didn’t, instead it made some of the colors look sad, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually kind of cool, it’s just not what she thought she was after, but now that the painting has that look, she’s actually happy about it because it gives her a more complicated feeling when she looks at it. In real life, that sentence went on for probably 12 minutes and ended in the front yard with “…and I should probably stop talking now BYE!”

Josie leaves later, especially if the weather’s good for walking — the way her bus route is, it takes longer to ride the bus than to walk the mile to school. Today, she’s walking. She put on raincoat with hood up, rain boots with pants tucked into them. I looked outside at the sunshine. Looked back at her. “I don’t care!” she said. Okey dokey, kid. Off ya go.