I’m a work-at-home parent of two daughters, wife of one husband, and daughter of two elderly parents. We live in the lovely Cape Cod town of Sandwich, MA; my parents are about a half hour farther down Cape.

I blogged for a few years when my daughters were little, then put it on hold when I did a stint in public office (just the local school board. I was a medium-sized fish in a very small pond, but like anyplace, it can be a hostile pond). With that behind me, I’m happily blogging again at this new place. Life’s a bit different now… with the girls no longer little but not yet grown, and my parents getting on in years and experiencing some difficulties, I’m feeling the “sandwich” in “sandwich generation.” Good thing I like sandwiches.

Things I love: Star Wars, Muppets, cake, road trips, a clean kitchen, Stephen King novels, a walk in the woods, a ride on a boat, doing little anonymous things that make people happy, reading aloud, swearing, time on my own, the precisely right word, Labor Day.

Things I hate: The Sound of Music, puppets, pie, speed limit enthusiasts in the left lane, bad manners, dressing up, religious hypocrisy, home improvement, glorification of ignorance and stupidity, gardening, crowds, having my picture taken, pointless noise, Christmas.


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