Who’s Who

A reference for people who don’t know who everyone is yet (or a guide to the pseudonyms, for people who do):

I’m Sue. I’m a ghostwriter. If there is something you’d like a ghost to write for you, please email thesandwichedlife@yahoo.com.

Aaron is my husband. He’s a scientist and professor.

Robin (15) and Josie (13) are my daughters.

Mom and Dad are, you have no doubt deduced, my parents. Dad was blind, and Mom has Lewy Body Dementia. Or as I used to put it in smartass shorthand, “he can’t see, and she can’t think.” They had a symbiotic relationship. Shortly after Dad died, we moved Mom into memory care assisted living.

Rick is my brother. He lives in New Jersey and visits often. Everyone in town knows Uncle Rick.

Norma, Lillian, Peggy, Betty, Helen, Sharon, Jack, Doris, Marilyn, Jackie, Carol, Nancy and Mom are Book Group #1.

Most of these aren’t real names, some liberties have been taken with the truth, and some folks are composite characters.


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